Death Dealer Revelation Clubshow

Hardrockers - watch out!
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Hallo Hardrocker,
mit Bedauern müssen wir euch heute mitteilen, dass das Death Dealer Revelation Open Air in zwei Wochen nicht wie geplant stattfinden kann.
Wir haben bis jetzt versucht, es möglich zu machen.
Einen kleinen Trost gibt es aber, da wir an dem Wochenende natürlich trotzdem Bock auf Rock haben.
Als Ersatzveranstaltung werden wir am Samstag, den 11.06. ein Konzert mit einem reduzierten Line Up im Turm in Halle/Saale veranstalten.
Alle weiteren Informationen zu bereits gekauften Karten etc. werden wir euch so schnell wie möglich mitteilen.
Wir hoffen, dass Ihr diesen Schritt nachvollziehen könnt und uns trotzdem am 11. Juni in Halle besucht!
Hello Hardrocker,
It is with sadness that we have to inform you today that the Death Dealer Revelation Open Air in two weeks will not be able to take place as planned.
We have tried to make it possible until now.
There is a small consolation, though, as we are still up for rock that weekend. As a substitute event, we will hold a concert with a reduced line-up on Saturday 11.06 at the Turm in Halle/Saale.
We will give you all further information regarding already purchased tickets etc. as soon as possible.
We hope you can understand this step and still visit us in Halle on 11 June instead!
Tickets available:

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Friedemann Bach Platz 5
06108 Halle Saale

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19:00 Einlass
20:00 Beginn

Line Up:
There's a new light on the horizon of Hard 'n Heavy Rock!
Take a look to the Firmament, because the band, which exists since 2021 and consists of members of Tension and ex-Prisma, will deliver you some fine High Energy Rock with melancholic vibes.
Be prepared for Heavy Rock Total!

Omen (USA)
US-power Metal legends Omen from California are joining us in battle! To introduce the band here with a few words doesn't do them justice at all. Albums like "Battle Cry" and "Warning of Danger" are absolute milestones and have shaped the US power metal scene like almost none. We are more than happy and proud to welcome the band on our stage in June. See you there!

Saqra´s Cult
Inca cult and black metal. It seems to be a daring combination. But Saqra's Cult manage to capture this theme with a diversely played black metal.
So the Belgians will initiate us into an occult Inca ritual.

Prehistoric War Cult
The three berserkers from Osnabrück will attack Deutzen. They play a fast, raw and bestial death metal that will crack your bones and emerge your inner caveman.
Barbaric Metal of Death
The evil 4-headed squad of Schafott will join the stage at our debut edition. The quartet from Dresden released their first demo in 2014, following a well-received debut album called "The Black Flame" in 2017 via High Roller Records. On both discs the band convinces with their own style of aggressive, blasphemous partly occult black thrash with sophisticated and varied song structures and razor-sharp guitar attacks. We are very happy to have them with us in JUNE.

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Where does the event happen? Turm

Friedemann Bach Platz 5
06108 Halle Saale

When does the event happen?
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Death Dealer Revelation Clubshow

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