Maggot Heart + Karloff + Pulsar

„You’ve got another thing coming! “
On 10.09 it is finally time again. The gates of the Moritzburg open and from their crypts arises an evening full of heavy metal and beer. This time we have prepared a very special mix of raw, dirty blackened metal punk, riff-soaked death doom and nasty, emotionally driven post-punk for you.
Kusch Concerts presents: Maggot Heart + Karloff + Pulsar

Pulsar is a doom metal band from Eisenach/Germany found in summer of 2016. After their debut in 2017 and a following EP in 2018, the band released their first real full-length called “Burning Flesh & Time” last year. The record convinces with 70 minutes of thundering riffs and pressing, rolling basslines, where comparatively fast psychedelic up tempo tracks alternate with epic 10 minute tunes from outer space. Pulsar’s violent play style and mix of Doom, Sludge and Stoner make this album an unjustly underrated masterpiece of the doom scene. Get ready for a live experience that will pull you into a black hole and won't let you out anytime soon.

Punk. Black Metal. Dirty. Raw. Filthy. Fast. Uncompromising.
These are the words that pop into your head while you're getting a full load of this German metal punk blasted against your forehead from the record player. Karloff from Oldenburg already convinced with raw and dark aggression on their debut "Raw Nights" and were able to step it up a notch with their recently released "The Appearing". The band knows exactly what they are doing and we are very much looking forward to seeing them destroy the stage on 10th September.
Kill the Masters, ugh!

It's hard to pigeonhole Maggot Heart's music into genre labels without doing injustice to the songs' grandiose, eccentric, experimental experiences. Berlin-based Swede Linnéa Olsson (Sonic Ritual, ex-Grave Pleasures, ex-The Oath) founded this solo project in 2017, free of limitations and dripping with punk. Recorded as a trio, the music provides the perfect soundtrack for never-ending, beer-soaked, leather jacket-wearing nights in ramshackle back yards. Enough words, come along and watch this ritual live on stage.

Concert will take place under COVID restrictions. Please make sure that you either bring:
- Proof of a negative test result (not older than 24 hours)
- Proof of a vaccination (fully vaccinated, >14 days ago)
- Proof of recovery (not older than six months).
Otherwise you won't be able to attend this concert.

LOCATION: Turm Halle, Friedemann-Bach-Platz 5, 06108 Halle (Saale)
The concert will take place outdoors in the moat of Moritzburg Castle.
DOORS: 18:30
START: 19:30
We will inform you about pre-sales or ticket reservation soon.

Artwork by HEADZ UP
Rapid Eye Records
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Maggot Heart

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Where does the event happen? Turm Halle,
Friedemann-Bach-Platz 05
06108 Halle (Saale)

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