Rise of th Crypt Vl Vulture Release Show

Rise of the Crypt Vl
VULTURE Release Show

Even though this band doesn't really need an introduction, their influence on the new wave of traditional speed, heavy and thrash metal can't be mentioned often enough. Already with their first demo "Victim to the Blade" from 2016, it was clear in which direction Vulture would go: fast, ripping guitar riffs combined with razor-sharp, brain-burning vocals and high-precision drumming. Pure old school speed metal, wrapped in the drama of old Italian horror movie aesthetics. However, the 5 guys from West Germany do not stand still in the course of the band's history, but continue to develop in the process of the 3 albums already released and show a multi-faceted catalog of songs within the musical background. The portfolio ranges from rousing, mid-tempo, heavy metal songs like "Gorgon" to all-destroying, high-speed bangers like "Victim to the blade".
Now the band's 4th album "Sentinels", which will be released on April 12th, is in the starting blocks and we are more than happy to have the band with us for one of their release concerts. The new album will be released via Metal Blade Records and, according to the band, will be their fastest, sharpest and most straight-forward record 'til now. We're sure you'll be just as excited to hear the new songs for the first time at Rise of the Crypts VI!
Count your blessings - Vulture kills!!

22 years of filthy and possessed THRASH METAL from absolute 80's metal maniacs. The good old roots of Kreator, Bathory, Desaster and Venom became one unit and Hellish Crossfire is now an unforgotten monument of the German underground Speed and Blackened Thrash Metal scene.
Even though a founding member named Siggi passed away during this long time, the band carries on this honor respectfully and reverently.
It is also an honor for us that such a force supports this release show musically and energetically and fits perfectly into the varied selection.

Hailing from France since 2017, the quintet of Sacrifizer plays 100% cult speed metal sewn from ancient Canadian cloth, but other fibers from '80s France and Germany also comprise their patchwork of salacious speed and bestial devastation.
They are grounded in the more traditional end of speed metal and already have one demo, one EP and one great debut album under their belt. They display a focused and straightforwarded songwriting, combined with maximized hooks while never forgetting the eternal magick of a good guitar solo.
Join us when they will spread the mighty words of the lord Lucifer on our stage! Beware the blade, all hail the Sacrifice!

To complete the pure gloom of our crypt, it needs the good Oldschool Death Metal mace with floating riffs that pull you down into the maw and devour you so that you never want to return to daylight and monotony. From the urns of the collective grave of Kriegszittern and Ch‘ahom crawls an unwanted abomination called Morsch.
Morsch as the deadwood of an old bridge that collapses as soon as you step on it, pulling you into the void. Morsch as the undergrowth that covers a slimy swamp that sucks you in and and won't let go, swallowing you whole.
See for yourselves, because the first and only self-titled EP released so far can easily keep up with the big names in this genre and yet doesn't lose any of its recognition value and uniqueness.

Morbid Marburg calling.
Nekus is a four-headed rotten corpse with members of Putridarium and Into Coffin existing since 2018. Their mix of blackened Death and Doom with fast and reverberating sequences catapults you into lightless catacombs and drives you from Malevolence Evocations to the slopes of Sepulchral Divination. This glomy alliance is comparable to Abyssal, Spectral Voice and Disembowlement which fits marvellously into our special line up.

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Where does the event happen? Hühnermanhattan
Hordorferstr. 4
06112 Halle/Saale

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